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Stand-Alone 16: Thirsty - M.T. Anderson

November 1st, 2021

This fortnight we’re discussing “Thirsty” by M.T. Anderson.

In THIRSTY, everyone sucks. Suddenly learning you're a vampire doomed to brief madness before death or (best case scenario) a long life of cannibalism will ruin anyone's day. Looks like it's going to ruin Chris's month.

TITLE: Thirsty
AUTHOR: M.T. Anderson
PUBLISHER: Candlewick Press (MA)
YEAR: 1997
LENGTH: 237 pages
AGE: Young Adult, Middle Grade
GENRE: Fantasy, Horror

Book TW for queerphobia (brief), ableist language, misogyny, bullying, anxiety, mental illness, stalking, vomit (graphic), self harm (graphic), gore (graphic), blood (graphic), violence, cannibalism, animal death, lynching, murder, child death, major character death, death.

Topic 1: Child Death. Begins at (1:30), CW for Murder, child murder, ritual human sacrifice.

Topic 2: Bullying. Begins at (16:10), CW for Bullying, child death, murder.

Topic 3: Cognitive deterioration. Begins at (29:00), CW for ableism, self-harm, auto-cannibalism, cognitive deterioration, suicide mention, murder, suicide by cop, mention of lynching.

Promo for Crit Chat; Spoiler-free wrap-up and ratings: Begins at (41:00).


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