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Series 2, Episode 1: The Golden Compass (Northern Lights) - Philip Pullman

December 2nd, 2019

This fortnight we bring you the first episode of a series as we discuss The Golden Compass, book one of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. 

*This book was originally published as "Northern Lights" and was published as "The Golden Compass" in the USA. 

Topic 1: Tony Makarios. Begins at (1:35), CW for alcohol abuse, abandonment, neglect, death, lack of a parent, abduction, castration, medical experimentation on children. Contains a minor spoiler for book three, The Amber Spyglass. 

Topic 2: Lyra and abandonment. Begins at (13:50), CW for neglect, mentions of parental death, parental abandonment. 

Topic 3: Lyra and control. Begins at (22:00), CW for controlling abuse, parental abuse, manipulation, kidnapping, betrayal. 

Spoiler-free wrap-up and ratings: Begins at (31:07). 


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