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Interview 7: Kevin Klehr, Part 1 of 2

October 15th, 2021

Please enjoy the spoiler-free portion of our interview with author Kevin Klehr discussing three of his books, "Social Media Central", "Midnight Angel", and "Winter Masquerade". Timestamps are marked for the interview questions. Become a Patron at any level to receive the spoiler-filled second half of the interview.

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Can you talk a little about the way trauma works in your writing? (0:55)
  • Do you put more thought into the trauma itself or the aftermath when thinking about how it affects the characters? (6:50)
  • Have you ever started writing a trauma in (one of) your book(s), and had it take over or have more of a story impact than originally intended? (10:30)
  • What is your approach to incorporating visible characters of color in your work? (24:12)
  • What is your approach to incorporating characters with disabilities in your work? (37:45)

--- Wrap-Up and Outro: Included in Part 1 and Part 2 ---

  • What is your favorite non-traumatic thing in any of your books? (42:35)
  • Do you have a favorite book written by someone else, and if so what makes it your favorite? (45:41)
  • Do you have any queer authors and/or authors of color whose work you’d like to shoutout? (47:40)
  • Where can our audience find you? (49:55)


Kevin's LinkTree has all his links. Check out Kevin's website for more about his writing, you can also find him on his NineStar Press page. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, or look up his author page on Goodreads. Our Australian audience can find his work on BookTopia.

The major works discussed in this interview are "Social Media Central", "Midnight Angel", and "Winter Masquerade".


You can find Robin's written reviews of Social Media Central, Midnight Angel, and Winter Masquerade at Reviews that Burn.

Music provided by HeartBeatArt and is used with permission.

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