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Interview 2: Shaina Krevat, Part 1 of 2

July 31st, 2020

Please enjoy the spoiler-free (or at least spoiler-light) portion of our interview with author Shaina Krevat. Timestamps are marked for the interview questions. 

Introductions (0:00)

Brief description of books written by Shaina Krevat (Tales of Mundane Magic). (0:15)

Can you talk a little about the way trauma works in your writing? (2:10)

Do you plan traumatic events ahead of time for your characters or do they just unfold as you write the story? (3:17)

Do you ever put in traumas for representations sake, to work through things you've experienced or to "flesh out" a character? (4:40) 

Has a traumatic event in your books ever changed your perception of a character? (7:55) 

Do you have a good example of a marginalized culture in your books? (9:20) 

What is your approach to incorporating visible characters of color? (12:05) 

 Have you ever had a character surprise you with an aspect of their identity after you started writing? (16:08) 

(Building on the last question) Have you ever had that happen with appearance or with racial or cultural identity? (17:58) 

When building your characters’ identities, what aspects did you intentionally include? (20:00) 

Do you consider your character’s body image when depicting them and their traumas? (22:10) 

Bridget has one mundane eye and one eye that only sees magic. Is there a difference in how she navigates the world when she's in mundane areas vs areas with concentrated magic? (26:42) 

Do you tend to write disabilities based on a specific set of references (either that exists in our world or under specific rules in your world)? (29:30) 

What is your favorite non-traumatic thing in any of your published books? (36:20)

Do you have a favorite book written by someone else, and if so what makes it your favorite? (37:55)

What types of books are you interested in reading more of? (39:18)

Pluggables and Outro (40:00) 


Check out Shaina Krevat's website for more info about her writing, Tales of Mundane Magic also has a website. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram, and Tumblr, or check out her Goodreads profile

Major works by Shaina Krevat discussed in this interview: "Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume One", "Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume Two",  "Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume Three". 


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