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Highlight 9: Soul of the Fire - Terry Goodkind

July 26th, 2021

This fortnight we’re discussing “Soul of the Fire” by Terry Goodkind. This is the fifth book in the series, "The Sword of Truth". Sometimes we discuss a book neither of us could stand and one of us didn't finish, and this is our hate-read pick for 2021.

TITLE: Soul of the Fire
AUTHOR: Terry Goodkind
YEAR: 1999
LENGTH: 788 pages
AGE: Adult
GENRE: High Fantasy

Book TW for CW for coercion, "simple native" tropes, racism, sexism (graphic), slavery (graphic), sexual assault (graphic), rape (graphic), sexual violence (graphic), assault, murder, transphobia (minor), genocide, death.

Topic 1: Gaslighting. Begins at (1:30), CW for gaslighting, genocide, sexism, toxic patriarchy, misogyny, gaslighting of the audience.

Topic 2: Slavery. Begins at (15:52), CW for slavery, reference to historical slavery (USA), slave advocating for slavery.

Topic 3: Sexual Assault / Rape Culture. Begins at (25:42), CW for rape culture, rape, women as property.

Promo for CPOV Autographs; Spoiler-free wrap-up and ratings: Begins at (37:10). CW: animal death.


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