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Highlight 11: Shadow Rising - Robert Jordan

September 20th, 2021

This fortnight Nicole is discussing “Shadow Rising” by Robert Jordan, the fourth book in The Wheel of Time with our transcriptionist and fellow WOT fan, Heather.

Book TW for physical assault, sexual harassment, combat wounds, PTSD, magical attack, horror monster attacks, identity crisis, depiction of mental illness caused by magic, depiction of auditory hallucinations, kidnapping and restraint, misandry, misogamy, betrayal, depiction of hanging, general physical violence and death, general depictions of emotional manipulation and emotional abuse, depictions of discrimination against marginalized communities, descriptions of imbalanced power dynamics.

Topic 1: Aram - Abandonment. Begins at (1:30), CW for abandonment, parental death.

Topic 2: Min - Second-hand emotional trauma. Begins at (12:10), CW for physical harm, reliving trauma.

Topic 3: Author's treatment of characters. Begins at (20:30), No major CWs.

Promo for Circle of Friendship; Spoiler-free wrap-up and ratings: Begins at (36:50).


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