Books That Burn

A book review podcast where we discuss how authors treat and traumatize their characters. Part of the Certain Point of View network.

Review Policy

--Review submissions are currently Open.--

If you're an author, especially if you're a queer author and/or an author of color, we'd love to read and review your book! Email us at if you're interested. 

You can find all our written reviews at our accompanying blog, Reviews That Burn. You can find our interviews with authors here. If you'd prefer to read episode transcripts to get a sense of our show, you can find all our transcripts at Transcripts That Burn.

Review Policy:

  • Acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. We reserve the right to not review a book and/or decline an interview. 
  • We will accept up to three books (maximum of 800 combined pages) for review. We reserve the right to adjust this policy if we are inundated with review requests.  
  • Where we post reviews:
    • Our reviews are posted on our blog, Facebook page, Twitter (short snippet with a link to the blog), and TheStoryGraph.
    • We have a fortnightly newsletter (email distributed) where we have a roundup of recent reviews.
    • Book Format
      • For written reviews please provide your book(s) in mobi format.

        • If mobi is not available then a pdf is acceptable.
      • We will accept a limited number of audiobooks, please check before submitting.
  • We do not review nonfiction works; we only review fiction.
  • Preferred genres
    • YA/Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy

      • Urban fantasy
      • Steampunk
      • Historical fiction
      • Alternate history
      • High Fantasy
      • Paranormal
      • Dystopian
      • Apocalyptic
      • Most other sub-genres of SFF
    • Retellings (especially Queer ones)
  • Other accepted genres
    • MG Science Fiction/Fantasy
    • YA/Adult Horror
    • YA/Adult Superheroes
    • YA/Adult Thriller
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