Books That Burn

A book review podcast where we discuss how authors treat and traumatize their characters.

Info For Authors

If you're an author, especially if you're a queer author and/or an author of color, we'd love to read and review your book! Email us at if you're interested. We sometimes interview authors about their work, so when you contact us please so let us know if you'd be open to an interview (our interview slots are filled for 2020 but we have openings for spring 2021). 

You can find all our written reviews at our accompanying blog, Reviews That Burn. You can find our interviews with authors here. If you'd prefer to read episode transcripts to get a sense of our show, you can find all our transcripts at Transcripts That Burn.

We can coordinate the release of an interview with an event like the debut of a book or some other significant date if you contact us at least three months ahead of time (four months is preferable but not required). 

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