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A book review podcast where we discuss how authors treat and traumatize their characters. Part of the Certain Point of View network.

BLM Solidarity

June 1st, 2020

We discuss fictional depictions of trauma because fiction can be a safe place to either process trauma that you have experienced, or to get an understanding of trauma that you haven't been through. We're keeping the actual podcast feed free of current events because (1) we record weeks and/or months ahead of time (which is also why our recent episode discussing an epidemic didn't mention Covid-19 - it was recorded in January 2020) and because (2) we're talking about trauma already and we don't want our podcast feed to be a stressful place for BIPOC with respect to current events.

That being said, we're doing our best to share information regarding the BLM protests on our twitter feed, to lift up BIPOC voices and share information from people on the ground. If we've missed a major resource, please let us know and we can add it to this post.

Black Lives Matter.
Trans Lives Matter.
Black Trans Lives Matter.

If you are able to donate to a bail fund, please do. Here is a directory of bail funds throughout the USA:

If you are a white person who is trying to combat racism in yourself, refer to this document of Anti-racism resources:
That document contains books, podcasts, films, organizations, and a specific section of resources for parents who are talking about race with their children.

If you're white, don't ask random BIPOC people for help (especially don't ask the "only Black person you know"). They should NOT be doing your emotional labor for you. If you can message them, you could google it. Unfortunately, racists can use the internet too, so please refer to the anti-racism resources document linked above as a starting point.


Non-fiction Recommendations - Including but not limited to anti-racism resources and Black history


Fiction Recommendations - This list is guaranteed to contain at least 90% books by queer authors and/or authors of color (especially queer authors of color). That 10% space for cis/het/white people is purposeful so that the presence of someone on this list does not implicitly out them as queer if they aren't obviously a POC.

Other people's excellent lists:


More resources (updated on an ongoing basis):

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