Books That Burn

A book review podcast where we discuss how authors treat and traumatize their characters. Part of the Certain Point of View network.


Are you tired of watching your beloved characters being tortured by careless authors? Are you sick of feeling like they could have swapped out all the painful action and the plot would be untouched?

Welcome to Books That Burn, the fortnightly book review podcast focusing on fictional depictions of trauma. We assume that the character's reactions are reasonable and focus on how badly (or well) they were served by their authors. Join us for our minor character spotlights, main character discussions, and favorite non-traumatic things in the dark books we love.

Every episode ends with a spoiler-free and trauma-free review of how the author treats their characters. Our initial focus is on YA fantasy and science fiction.


Nicole (any/all) is an ace/aro enby who is roommate to the Senior and Junior Editing Assistants (SAE/JAE). They compose music as HeartBeatArt Co and provide all the music for the podcast. When they aren't editing our audio, they are a dancer/choreographer who plays, composes, and arranges music. Their dream is to write music for video games and/or to be a professional choreographer. 

Robin (they/them) is a demi/bi enby who handles +95% of the social media for the podcast. When they aren't running the Books That Burn Readathon, they are listening to a lot of other people's podcasts and reading even more books for fun, usually accompanied by their cats. Their current goal is to read 100,000 pages in 2022 (approximately 275 pages per day). Robin writes all of the reviews for the accompanying blog, Reviews That Burn, and hosts the annual BTB readathon spotlighting marginalized authors. 

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